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The follow list, character page, Main Plot Timeline, and face claim list have all been updated.

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Updated Character/Status List (August 15th, 2014)



As Needed For Plot Purposes 
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Post War Prompt

Across the United Kingdom, television and radio broadcasts were interrupted by a singular message:

A woman dressed in black as if she had walked out of an 1800s picture, with wild hair, and bright eyes dragged a hooded captive into view.

"I am Bellatrix Lestrange. If the name holds meaning to you, then you know to fear me. If not, you should. I am powerful. And I have never made my loyalties a secret. Those of magically pure blood ought to rule. Simple. It’s a simple, uncomplicated concept. And my Lord came very close. But contrary to popular misconceptions…Harry Potter was not his downfall. Disloyalty was. We, of worthier blood, failed to unite. Regulus Black. Sirius Black. Severus Snape. Horace Slughorn. All of them betrayed us." She kicked her captive and the figure dropped to his knees. "I could not, would not, watch it happen a third time. My own investigations have revealed—" She whipped off the hood. A bald, pale, red-eyed, snake-nosed man was uncovered. "— he is an impostor." She flicked open a knife, and sliced into his neck with one fluid motion. She shoved him forward. "You were right to mistrust the fool whose blood is pooling at my feet, but how dare you mistrust me. I have always been loyal to the cause. Stop the rebellion, stop resisting us, and you will be spared. Continue? There will be no mercy. And I will dance on your graves just as you once danced on mine.”

Television screens faded to black and flickered back to their scheduled programming and radios buzzed before familiar voices resumed talking about taxes.

Out of the public eye, Bellatrix folded her arms. Salazar Slytherin walked into the room. “I’d say that went well.”

Bellatrix narrowed her eyes. “Can we leave? All of this…muggle devices humming makes my skin crawl.”

"I thought you’d be happy with your promotion. Undisputed leader of the Death Eaters."

"If you wanted to unite us, all you would’ve had to do was reveal yourself. This theatricality is a waste of time."

"No, it gives us an advantage."


—Since his public persona “Robert Farcett” lost the Prime Minister election to Kingsley Shacklebolt, Slytherin has decided Bellatrix needs a new role.

-Pansy Parkinson is contemplating joining the Death Eaters.Bellatrix may recruit her help in discovering who the rebel leader is…

-Theodore Nott has returned and is catching up with Draco Malfoy who may be in over his head with the rebellion.

-Minerva McGonagall has been missing for two months. Flitwick is acting as headmaster. The Order and Auror department are searching for her. Owana Potter is following a lead and is getting too close for Bellatrix's comfort. 

-The unknown vigilante who trapped Death Eaters and left them behind in humorous poses for Aurors to pick up since December is annoying the Auror Department and Death Eaters alike.


-Grady Vasoure is recovering from a coma.Owana is visiting.

-Flashback: Lee Jordan may be taking a prank too far with Grady.

-The perpetrators of Ron's poisoning were caught. During the skirmish, Owana killed one of them. Owana'strial went well.She served her two weeks probation.

-FlashbackHermione and Owana search for Hermione’s obliviated parents.

-Owana and Ron mutually fancy each other, but both of them are unaware of the other’s feelings. Audrey and Percy are perpetually  adorable ducks  together.

Lee Jordan was freed from Bellatrix’s Imperius Curse by Dina,Draco, and McGonagall.He faked his own death and was hiding in disguise as Ben Kerf.  He’s been hallucinating a version of Bellatrix and loses control of his magic when upset.

-Hermione and Lee are catching up.

-Draco is trying to convince Lee Jordan to put in a good word for him to the Order.

-FlashbackMinerva and Remus share a meal on the anniversary of The Battle of Hogwarts

Death Eaters/ Rebels

Avery Tilden was turned into a vampire by the Rebel Side. Her close and complicated relationship with Barty Crouch, Jr. lead to negotiating for Slytherin’s help. Slytherin provided a ring allowing her to walk in sunlight in exchange for her allegiance. These people know Avery is a vampire: Slytherin, Bellatrix, Barty, Ginny,Dina, and  Lee.

-Bellatrix persuaded Avery and Barty to join her against Slytherin.She is  searching for the rebel leader and punishing the disloyal to keep up appearances with Slytherin.

How’d I do? Let me know if I’ve missed anything…

oh wow its really great to see this group is still going strong!

I really think it’s the people. Whoo. I think it’s great, too.

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New Members

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                       Multi-fandom Group Indie Verse 

Salazar Slytherin rose the night Voldemort fell. Three years after the Battle of Hogwarts his plans stretch farther than the United Kingdom. The wizarding world is weary of war, but they must soldier on. The Order. Rebels within Death Eater ranks. Will it be enough to stop Slytherin’s ambition? Or are new alliances on both sides of the Atlantic necessary?

            Apply Rules | Full Plot | Character Bios

          Track #wizard renegades and #wr starter

            Apply Rules | Full Plot | Character Bios

          Track #wizard renegades and #wr starter

Wizard Renegades, please welcome Miss Pansy Parkinson...

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Please tell us if you intend to switch blogs/delete/et cetera…

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