Apply/Those questions that are too awesome to be contained in one ask

Our application has a password and it can be found on our rules page. Read the rules thoroughly.

It’s a first come, first serve basis. We’ll give you a chance at a canon of your choice,but if we find you’re not meshing well with a pre-set ship(Example: Dora doesn’t get along with the new Remus) or presenting the canon in a very uncanon-like manner, we will ask you to resign.

Here’s what we need:

OOC Name ( If you are uncomfortable giving this, your URL will work):


Have you RPed before? And if so, how long?

Character Name:

What are your shipping preferences for said character?
Are you open to include original character (OC) ties?
If you’re an original character,do you have any canon ties and if so what are they?

Face Claim Desired:

If it’s an OC, or you want to change the canon face give a few options. We do not double face claims.
Here is a list of our taken face claims:

Do you currently or have you previously had any other characters in the WR?Who are/were they?


Character Bio (and if you’d like to change anything from what was posted in the recruitment post for the character):
with Notes